Tuesday, September 30, 2003

GMA Network says it will keep 'Probe Team' show

However, while they're giving that statement now, if you read further, you'll see that GMA-7 is definitely giving themselves a lot of leeway to protect themselves if and when they do decide to cancel the show prematurely.

"A co-production agreement with two groups is like a partnership," Gozon said. "It is based on mutual trust and confidence. When the standards are different, this will affect the image of the two and it is no longer advisable or desirable to continue."

On whether this was censorship or not, GMA president Felipe Gozon had this to say:

GMA Network aired the show last Tuesday with some changes. "We wanted them to put in more supporting data so their conclusion can stand," Gozon said. "Is that censorship?"

"We have the power to destroy a person's reputation," he said. "We can make the reputation of a person very good or very bad. Before you destroy a reputation, you should have basis. We would rather err in good faith. At least we tried."

"The objective is to have a balanced and responsible delivery of news," Gozon added.