Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What's currently inside our pinoy tv landscape?

Korean dramas, for one. They have supplanted their Taiwanese predecessors, and have been more present. Endless Love (has there been 2 or three seasons?), Lavender, and the current hit Lovers in Paris, to name a few.

Game shows are..back? Pilipinas, Game KNB is back. Kris Aquino is still in the driver's seat, but the timeslot has been shifted to noontime. This will be followed by the soon to be launched Wowowie, to be hosted by former ABS-CBN persona non grata Willie Revillame, who returned to the fold after he reportedly further boosted Extra Challenge's ratings when he guested there.

Speaking of Wowowie, looks like ABS-CBN has given up on fighting Eat Bulaga headon. The Eat Bulaga phenomenon is really hard to beat, and perhaps even hard to explain. It has the same raucous jokes, sexy girls parading, games, and whatnot, that all other noontime shows have, and yet the combination of the hosts and how they handle the segments maybe make all the difference. For whatever the reason, Eat Bulaga has been reigning supreme on the noontime slot for 25 years now, and sees no signs of fading.

TV Patrol World. After years of topping the ratings for news with TV Patrol, this has apparently been displaced by Mike Enriquez's and Mel Tiangco's 24 Oras. Korina Sanchez was kicked out, and replaced by Karen Davila, Ted Failon, and Julius Babao. I still don't like their manner of reportage, wish we could be more BBC like. No need to shout, folks. Anyhoo, they claim to be more worldwide, has a Citizen Patrol segment, and a Ronda Patrol segment, where reporters get the news of whatever happens to the police beat they joined. Not really finding the news inasmuch as just getting what happens to be there. Still too much focus on sensationalizing crimes, in my opinion.

Fantaseryes. ABS-CBN is totally affected by the success of GMA-7's Mulawin, and have come up with another flying hero in the person of Judy Ann Santos as Krystala. Meanwhile, Claudine Barretto's Marina has already wrapped up.

Star search reality programs. Starstruck and Star Circle Quest are looking for teen stars..they don't necessarily have talent, but for some reason, fans like 'em, so the networks will keep 'em coming. We've already gotten survivors, avengers, questors, Final Four, Fab Five times two as those shows are already in their second show. More talent-oriented are shows like Pinoy Pop Superstar (a reincarnation of Search for a Star and Star for a Night. Footnote: Regine's show's title seems to change annually. Under what name will it come out next season, I wonder?), Star in a Million, Born Diva.

Anything else I missed?